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Distance learning courses

Distance learning courses England and Wales

Learn when and where it suits you. Distance learning basically means learning remotely, allowing you to learn in your own time, wherever you choose. The main advantage of distance learning is that it allows you to fit your learning around your work and home life. Using a range of material you’ll undertake course activities and assignments with regular support from your tutor.

The knowledge and skills acquired through study can be immediately applied in the workplace and courses don’t require time away from work. This approach to study enables greater benefits and value to be quickly realised – vital in a climate where value for money can be a key consideration. All our distance learning courses are accredited by NCFE and are eligible for ESFA funding in England.

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What is distance learning?

A distance learning course is a way of learning when you are remote so this does not require face to face contact with a teacher. Distance learning allows you to learn on the go, it’s great for those who have a busy lifestyle and need to fit learning around them. Distance learning allows you to find your own peaceful spot to study in your own time and helps you learn individually.

What are the benefits of a distance learning course?

There are many benefits with distance learning, to start with you are completely flexible to where and how you want to learn. It gives you great independence in learning from researching, planning and gaining useful transferable skills in whatever course you are learning. Not only being in control of how and where you want to learn, distance learning courses cost less than full time degrees with gaining the same amount of knowledge.

Does a distance learning course mean I am studying alone?

Absolutely not! Distance learning courses are equipped with full time online tutor support. There may be an occasional face to face support if needed which are often found at workshops. The majority of training given with distance learning courses are virtual over phone, email and other online sources.

Distance learning courses are cost-effective and eco-friendly

This may not come as a surprise, but distance learning courses are a lot cheaper than traditional university and college courses. There are no extra costs of hiring classroom facilities, printing equipment, staff lectures and so on, the only extra cost is getting a coffee if your quiet space to work in your own zone. As well as keeping the costs down, you’re keeping the travel down meaning you are helping reduce CO2 emissions as well as saving the paper as studying online.

Are there any issues I might face during my online course?

There are pro’s and con’s to everything in life. With distance learning courses there may be a couple of obvious ones, for example, lack of communication and social life is a main disadvantage, with studying online you are being independent meaning you are not taking part in any group or social activities that you would get at uni, however this doesn’t mean you are alone. At Aspiration Training we ensure you have constant support from the tutor and options to take part in our team workshops when available. There are plenty of learner public spots to study to make friends such as public libraries, social hang outs and much more.

Studying online means that you are incontrol and with that means you need to discipline and motivate yourself independently. This can be a challenge but a fun one. Learning online by yourself can really help boost self motivation and drive to work for where you really want to go career wise.

Who is eligible for an online distance learning course?

A distance learning course is for anyone! However if you’re budget conscious and looking to work around a current job or busy lifestyle then our distance learning courses will be most suited to you. As long as you’re 16 and over you are eligible to apply for a distance learning course.

Why Choose Aspiration Training

We can help you to choose the right online distance learning course that suits you and your career path. We give full time support working closely with you to develop the skills needed for the career path you’re driven down. We offer a flexible and tailored approach to suit your personal needs.

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