Top 10 reasons to do an apprenticeship

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Getting the right candidates with the right skills and experience is sometimes a common problem for business growth and stability.

However, with apprenticeship programmes, individuals can be chosen from the local area and grow their own career in-house. Our nationally recognised apprenticeships are designed to train and develop individuals in the specific skills that they need to allow them to prosper in their chosen career.

It is a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical work-based learning, which is delivered through high-quality interactive learning, online assessments and personalised one-to-one support from our assessors. As an individual, here are ten top reasons to do an apprenticeship:

1. Gain the right skills and experience

An apprenticeship allows you to acquire valuable skills and experience in your chosen sector, which improves your CV and employability when you’ve finished training. You’ll learn in the work environment, developing the practical skills and understanding you need to excel in your role.

Usually, employers favour candidates with the right qualification, as well as practical experience. This means that an apprenticeship makes you a stronger candidate when looking for permanent employment, and you might even find your current employer ready to offer you a permanent deal one you finish you apprenticeship with them.

2. Learn while you earn

You’ll have the opportunity to earn a salary and enjoy on the job training within your local area. In fact, you will gain a nationally recognised qualification that allows you to succeed in your career. The minimum wage changes each year, for up to date information be sure to check the Government website. However, you may find a lot of employers pay more than the minimum wage. As your experience grows, your wage will increase and you will receive the same benefits as other employees.

3. Guidance and support

Throughout the apprenticeship program, you will benefit from the encouragement and support of your colleagues and employer. You will also have access to comprehensive training, support and a course mentor to offer additional help and resources required to improve your skills and complete the study successfully.

4. Professional qualification

As well as gaining a nationally recognised and professional qualification, an apprenticeship allows you to build links to local businesses, and to develop the necessary skills and experience needed to drive your career successfully into the future. There are plenty of opportunities to progress onto the next level of apprenticeship and continue to grow.

Moreover, if you are fancy being your own boss, the knowledge and skills gained from the apprenticeship programme could help you set up your own business in the future.

5. Stay ahead of graduates

In the job market, university graduates often suffer from lack of practical work experience. By doing an apprenticeship you will already be ahead with between one and two years of experience in the workplace. We hear from many employers that this will give you a positive head-start in job hunting stake.

6. Cost

There are no tuition fees or costs to you as a learner when doing an apprenticeship programme. Apprenticeships are funded by the employer and government. You will be paid a salary for the duration of your apprenticeship. Don’t be misinformed about apprenticeships, they are not just for younger people. Anyone not already in full time education can enrol and apprenticeships are a great door opener for those who want a career change.

7. Learn from the experts

Interacting with experts is the massive perk of an apprenticeship. You will be working alongside these experts who know the ins and outs of the role, as well as how the sector works. You will have the opportunity to ask these experts questions and gain first hand insight. This will give you a real life understanding of the job rather than a classroom simulation.

Remember, the training you will receive takes place on the job, meaning you are leaning in the same environment as working.

8. Become an asset

Apart from being cost effective to the employer, it will offer you the opportunity to develop and become an essential part of the team. This means that you will get trained and supported, until you become a skilled and reliable part of the workforce, increasing your chances of staying on with your employer once your apprenticeship is completed.

9. No debt

In the UK, you could face a debt of more than £40k by the time you graduate if you go to university. However, with an apprenticeship, you have no tuition fees. Quite the opposite! Your employer will pay you to get the qualification. You will start a professional career in the industry of your choice with a means to progress and take further training.

10. Networking

One of the most essential skills in any workplace is networking and connecting with people. With an apprenticeship you’ll will be meeting key people in the industry who could impact amazing things for your future job. An apprenticeship will also offer you an opportunity to meet friends for life: it is not just higher learning institutions like colleges and universities where strong bonds are formed.

Take advantage of doing an apprenticeship and reap big. To view all our current apprenticeship vacancies in Dental Nursing, Early Years and Adult Care, click here. 

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