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7 key benefits why businesses should hire an apprentice

By aspiration | 01 Jul 2022 | Category: Blog
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Skills-led education is key to rebuilding the economy – but businesses must invest in apprentices…

Apprenticeships are generally seen as a way of helping someone get experience, knowledge, and ‘a start’ in a chosen sector. However, for many businesses, this has not been enough. Particularly during these recent uncertain times, businesses want to know if taking on an apprentice will result in real business benefits, and whether it is genuinely worth the time investment needed to support an apprentice?

Hiring an apprentice is a productive and effective way to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

As an employer, you can employ apprentices at different levels, from school leavers and university graduates, to people who want to further their careers or change career direction completely. You can also hire someone new or upskill an existing employee and develop your future talent.

Apprenticeships are not just for large organisation, small businesses also find it a useful way to recruit and train staff. Apprenticeships now cover more than 170 industries and 1,500 job roles from entry to degree level – so if you’ve been toying with the idea of taking on an apprentice, here’s a rundown of the business benefits for companies just like yours.


  1. A breath of fresh air


Injecting some youthful talent can add a whole new dimension to your workplace, bringing with it a fresh perspective and new ideas. This in turn can excite existing employees and spark a boost in overall business productivity.


  1. Tailored Skillset


Well-trained, highly skilled staff add value to all organisations, both directly and through their ability to coach, mentor and train other team members. Build the team you need to meet your business objectives.


Taking on an apprentice is a fantastic way of developing new talent, in a bespoke way, tailored to your businesses needs and goals. With a tailored skillset, an apprentice can work to your specific business needs and requirements. 86% of employers said apprenticeships helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation.


  1. Increased productivity


Employing an apprentice is a highly cost effective way to increase your workforce. Studies have shown that over 80% of businesses that employed apprentices found their productivity had increased as a result. This is because you can provide bespoke training to them, and the injection of new talent helps to increase productivity elsewhere in the company as well.


  1. Positive long-term development


Taking on apprentices can help you improve the range of skills you have within your organisation. It also encourages you to look at the way you do things because you are passing on your knowledge and expertise to people keen to learn the trade or business, enhancing your own skill development. Simply taking a closer look at what you do and why can lead to you making improvements and becoming more efficient.

One of the most significant benefits of apprenticeships, for employers and employees alike, is that they help organisations keep their employees motivated and committed for the long-term, by helping them develop their skills over several years.

Your apprentice(s) will be working in the knowledge that at the end of this period they will have a qualification that is tremendously valuable, to them individually and to you as an employer.


  1. Aid staff retention


Support employees to develop skills and knowledge that are directly relevant to their jobs. The syllabi for all degree apprenticeships have been designed in partnership with industry in order to plug existing skills gaps, meaning your employee will be learning what they need for success in their chosen field.

As well as helping to gain the right skills you need for your business, employing an apprentice can also aid staff retention, providing you with skills for the future. Apprentices tend to be more loyal and work for longer periods within the business they have trained in.


6. No recruitment costs


Recruiting new staff is costly and can come with risks. Up-skilling existing staff is a great way to ensure your organisation has the capable personnel you need without resorting unduly to new hires.

If you are looking for a new apprentice, Aspiration Training can help with the whole recruitment process, from advertising the role to shortlisting and setting up interviews on your behalf… The dedicated recruitment team will really understand your business and your business needs and find the right candidates who will fit your culture. Read more about our free recruitment service here


  1. Investment in the future

Hiring an apprentice builds strong ties with your future success. This is because an apprentice is keen to learn and develop in a business and promotes long-term loyalty. Apprenticeships provide you with the skilled workers you need for the future.


Whatever sector you are in, there are so many benefits that employing an apprentice can bring your business.

Discover how apprentices can transform your business and contact us at enquiries@aspirationtraining.com or on 0152 735 9646 to find out how we can help you.

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