Vocational Skills Partnership

Vocational Skills Partnership (Wales)

Over the last 20 years, Aspiration Training Ltd has emerged as one of Wales’ leading Work Based Learning Providers. Today we represent one of four equal partners of the highly successful consortium, Vocational Skills Partnership (Wales) Ltd (Otherwise known as VSP). VSP Comprises of the following four high quality, equal partner training organisations:
Together, VSP delivers a Welsh Government funded work-based learning contract across Wales comprising of Apprenticeships and Jobs Growth Wales.

So far we at VSP have:

– Attained 90% learner satisfaction rate across all partners.

– Achieved IIP Gold across all 4 member organizations.

– Developed a sector-leading online resource to develop learners’ wellbeing (mywellbeinghub.co.uk).

– Developed staff knowledge and understanding of key themes such as ESDGC, Welsh Culture and Language and Health and Safety.

We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished to date, and the positive impact that VSP is having on the individuals that we work with.

Care Council for Wales

To find out more about Vocational Skills Partnership (Wales) Ltd, visit the VSP website at www.vsptraining.co.uk.