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It’s time to challenge the stigma surrounding apprenticeships

By katie-sill | 21 Sep 2019 | Category: Blog
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It’s time to challenge the stigma surrounding apprenticeships

Despite being an accessible and efficient way to upskill and reskill, there is still a lack of understanding surrounding apprenticeships and what they entail.

The cloud of confusion, and often negative perceptions about apprenticeships has created barriers preventing some people from accessing valuable training, that could enhance their skills and capabilities, as well as their career progression.

Apprenticeships aren’t what they used to be, as they have been modernised and developed to grow into programmes that work across different subjects and sectors with fantastic benefits. This will pave a quality route for career progression, all whilst gaining relevant real-world experience and a nationally recognised qualification.

Let’s explore some of the myths that exist about apprenticeships.


Myth: ‘Apprenticeships are considered lower value than university qualifications’.

Whilst going to university remains a popular choice for school leavers, it could be down to there not being enough information about apprenticeships available to those looking to take the next step in their education.

With an apprenticeship, the same qualification can be gained as a university graduate, but there’s also the opportunity to gain valuable work experience. This is a huge advantage when climbing the career ladders, and adds real value to your CV.


Myth: ‘Apprenticeships are only available for school leavers’.

An apprenticeship could also be for those who have been promoted to a new role which has more responsibilities or different skills, or for those looking for a career change.

There is no upper age limit for becoming an apprentice, although arrangements for funding do differ if you are over the age of 24. However, there is fair access to apprenticeships, so your age shouldn’t affect whether you get onto an apprenticeship or not.


Myth: ‘Apprenticeships will only lead to minimum wage jobs’.

Apprenticeships themselves offer a salary whilst you study and, unlike going to university, the employer will pay the training fees. Which means there’s no need to take out a huge loan to cover the cost of tuition and end up in debt before they are even qualified.

 According to the National Apprenticeship Service, apprentices can earn on average £150,000 more throughout their lifetime compared to others.


Could an apprenticeship be the right path for you?

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