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Results Day 2020: Advice and Tips

By aspiration | 13 Aug 2020 | Category: Blog
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It’s been a year full of uncertainty that’s for sure and there is nothing more uncertain than receiving your results for exams that you haven’t actually sat…

No matter what grades are on that piece of paper, it is important to remember that you can still achieve all your ambitions and goals!

Don’t give up!

Whether or not the results that you’ve received are what you expected it’s important to tell yourself to not give up! Opportunities arise all the time and there are so many different routes available that can give you further qualifications if that’s what you want, or can get you into full-time employment. Apprenticeships for example combine the two, enabling you to both learn and earn. Read more on the benefits of starting an apprenticeship here.

Give yourself a pat on the back

No matter the outcome – you’ve worked hard! It’s now time to decide what you want to do next and it’s vital you take your time to decide and weigh it all up. Decisions that are made in the heat of the moment or based on what your friends may be doing can sometimes end up not being what you really wanted or what is right for you in the long run. It’s your future and you deserve to be happy with whatever path you choose!

Working out your next steps can appear daunting but even just by asking around you will be surprised as the different career paths people have taken, whether that is going straight into full-time employment or university. Everyone is different!

Take some time for yourself

The lead up to results day can bring worry and stress which can get you down. In stressful situations, we can sometimes forget how to relax and give ourselves the downtime we deserve. Read our Relaxation Tips on the Aspire Wellbeing Hub which will help you to give yourself some breathing space from it all.

Remember – it’s your future

Comparing yourself to friends and others isn’t productive and can often make you feel a lot worse about your grades when in fact you may just be more of a creative person as opposed to being academic and receiving A’s and A*’s!

If you have friends that have achieved bad grades it’s important to reassure and support them. If they have achieved better grades than you, it is also important to congratulate them while remembering not to put yourself down – everyone has different strengths, weaknesses, goals and plans.

Overall, it is important to remember that bad grades don’t close doors and good ones don’t always open them…

Aspiration Training Apprenticeships

Everyone at Aspiration Training wishes the best of luck to everyone who is receiving their results this week and we are here to support and advise on the next steps in your career! Get in touch with us today for further information and advice.

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