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Recruit a school leaver into your business

By aspiration | 06 Aug 2019 | Category: Blog
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As the school holidays are now in full swing, thousands of school leavers are seriously considering their next options.  Some may be looking to continue their education with A-levels, college or university studying full time in their chosen subject.  This is no longer the only viable alternative and there are thousands of school leavers who will be considering an apprenticeship, with its many benefits such as gaining practical experience and earning a wage at the same time as learning.  Individuals seeking an apprenticeship are looking to give their full commitment to businesses around the UK and are ready to focus on specific areas of training and development.

What are the benefits to you and your business in recruiting a school leaver? Here are our top 5 reasons.

1.) Flexibility and a desire for learning

School leavers are able to jump straight into your business and learn in ways that you want them to. Being fresh out of full-time education, the aspect of learning is already second nature, which you may find means they are much easier to communicate and share knowledge with, compared with more established employees who may be slightly stuck in their ways in how they do things.

2.) Fresh thinking with new perspectives

Sometimes, we all fall into a mindset that we are completing tasks in the most efficient and perfect way. Recruiting school leavers can often teach you and your teams as much as you can teach them! They can come in with new ideas, technologies and techniques that will revitalise the way you are doing things.  Being social media savvy, with the most up-to-date technology skills can help you generate new ideas and approaches.

3.) Lower costs

Apprenticeship training can be fully funded through the government. This means that you have nothing to pay except the national minimum wage for apprentices. 16-19-year-olds are eligible for full funding, meaning no additional costs to your business. This can greatly reduce training costs on other programmes and you will see a much bigger return on investment over time as your apprentice(s) grow and develop in your company.

4.) Build your own top talent

Finding the perfect person for a position can be like finding a needle in a haystack. With apprenticeships, you can quickly train and adapt your best workers. Apprenticeships are flexible in how the training is delivered and what units are completed on the course. The specifics of your business can be in the specifics of the apprenticeship. Taking on an apprentice means you can tailor and mould them to your ways of working.

5.) They’re engaged

School leavers decide to do an apprenticeship because they have a strong passion for their chosen field and for a business they’re interested in. They will be excited to get stuck into the world of work and will have a hands-on approach to any task they are given.

If you’re ready to recruit a school leaver, now is the perfect time to start. Get in touch with us now to register your interest while school leavers are now starting to plan in their futures! We are able to support you with our free recruitment service, dedicated ongoing support and we are always here to help. Got a question you would like to ask? Discover our FAQs for quick answers or get in touch to discuss something else.

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