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Reasons why we love National Apprenticeship Week | NAW 2023

By aspiration | 06 Feb 2023 | Category: Blog
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National apprenticeship week is celebrated to recognise and promote the benefits of apprenticeships as a path to career success. It highlights the opportunities for individuals to gain valuable hands-on experience, develop skills, and earn a wage while working towards a recognisable certification. The week also showcases the benefits for employers, including a skilled and trained workforce, increased productivity and a pipeline for talent. Overall, national apprenticeship week is a celebration of the positive impact apprenticeships can have on individuals, employers and communities.

There are several reasons why national apprenticeship week is great:

  1. Awareness: It raises awareness about the benefits of apprenticeships and helps to promote them as a valuable career option.
  2. Opportunity: It provides individuals with an opportunity to explore apprenticeship programs and discover the opportunities available to them.
  3. Skills Development: Apprenticeships provide hands-on learning experiences and the chance to develop valuable skills in a real-world setting.
  4. Career Path: Apprenticeships offer a clear career path and can lead to high-demand jobs with good pay and benefits.
  5. Employer Benefits: Apprenticeships can provide employers with a trained and skilled workforce, increased productivity, and a pipeline for talent.
  6. Community Impact: Apprenticeships can have a positive impact on communities by providing job opportunities and helping to address skills gaps.

If you are currently looking to kickstart your career and keen to dive into the world of work, Aspiration Training offers apprenticeships in the following sectors:

Feel free to get in touch here: apprenticeships@aspirationtraining.com or call 0152 735 9646, where we can help you to find the perfect opportunity for you.

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