Kelsey Hancock - One to watch

Kelsey Hancock - One to watch

Nearly all 16 year olds go through the “What should I do next?” thought pattern. The choice of staying on after GCSEs to start A-levels in a familiar environment or entering the unknown world of work is something we’re all familiar with. Kelsey, like all of her classmates, was going through the same process two years ago. She was still undecided by the time her school started work experience placements. Kelsey managed to find work experience in a local school and after just one week, had her mind set on a career in Childcare. She was excited by the idea of helping children’s development on a daily basis.

Before long, Kelsey’s last day in compulsory education had arrived. This is a significant day in most children’s lives. Leaving an environment they’ve known for such a large part of their early lives. Kelsey left school for the last time filled with excitement for her new adventure. She had her overall goal and now just needed to plan how she would achieve it. Not particularly keen on the idea of college, Kelsey began researching routes in to Childcare on the internet where she came across our website. After reading that we offered Childcare apprenticeships, an option for her to earn while working towards her qualification seemed like the perfect opportunity. Kelsey picked up the phone and enquired about the Childcare apprenticeships we offered.

After being advised that in order to start her apprenticeship she would firstly need to be employed, Kelsey set about finding herself employment. She didn’t take long to find a role. After impressing with her ambitious and proactive personality, Kelsey secured work with Cylch Meithrin Aberfan. She settled in quickly and was signed up to start her apprenticeship. It didn’t take long for her to realise that she had made the right choice. The ability to work with children and learn at the same time suited Kelsey well. She was able to carry on with her apprenticeship in her own time which meant she made progress quickly.

In January this year (earlier than expected!), Kelsey completed her apprenticeship gaining her Level 3 in Childcare, Learning and Development. With more confidence and experience under her belt, this proved to be just the start for young Kelsey. She went on to find another role in Childcare at a different setting which meant she could work more hours with children. It seems that Kelsey made quite the impression as only after one month in the role, Kelsey had done enough to earn a full time job offer from her manager. The progress Kelsey has made in such a short time is staggering and shows what can be done with a clear plan and determination.

Speaking to Kelsey recently, she hasn’t slowed down just yet. She’s building up her experience with an eye on promotion in the future. When she finally reaches her next goal, she wants to begin her Level 5 diploma in Childcare, Learning and Development with us. We can’t wait to welcome you back Kelsey and see you reach your next goal!

If you’re thinking of starting a career in Childcare, why not follow in Kelsey’s footsteps and give us a call to discuss how we can help you reach your goals.


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