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Mental health awareness week

By aspiration | 14 May 2019 | Category: Blog
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Mental Health Awareness Week is taking place from Monday 13th of May until Sunday 19th May 2019. This month, we want to encourage people to talk more openly about mental health and be aware of how they can help themselves and as well as everyone else in their lives.

In the UK, mental illnesses will affect 1 in 4 people during their lifetimes; or in other words, 25% of the population. With this in mind, it is more important than ever to be aware of the support systems and tools that are available to help anyone who is suffering with a disorder.

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders V (DSM-5), there are currently over 450 recognised mental disorders with the most widespread amongst the global population being depression, dementia and bipolar disorder.

In modern society, the work of charities and foundations such as Mind (0300 123 3393) and Samaritans (116 123) is helping to de-stigmatise mental health and raise wider awareness of the impact these various disorders can have on the people who suffer from them as well as their loved ones.

Some of the key statistics on mental health in the UK are as follows:

  • Women are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety disorders as men
  • 50% of mental health problems are established before the age of 14
  • One in 10 children experience mental illness
  • 10.3 million UK residents reported feelings of high anxiety in the past year
  • 20.6 in 100 adults experience suicidal thoughts
  • At any one time about 220,000 people are being treated for schizophrenia in the UK by the NHS
  • Men in the UK are 3 times more likely than women to commit suicide

At Aspiration Training, we believe that increased education and knowledge of how to treat and support those with mental illnesses can go a long way to help those who need it.

For jobs within the health and social, childcare and teaching sectors, having a greater understanding of the issues and key concerns that children and adults with mental illnesses is vital in order to offer the best care and support for those who need it.

We offer the nationally recognised Level 2 qualifications ‘Certificate in understanding children and young people’s mental health (QCF)’ and ‘Certificate in awareness of mental health problems (QCF)‘ which are designed to inform the participant’s understanding of the most common mental illnesses amongst the population and how to best help those who suffer with them.



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