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Employer of the month – Little Steps Academy – May 2021

By aspiration | 27 May 2021 | Category: Blog
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Outstanding contribution to apprenticeships

Each month at Aspiration Training, our team nominate employers whom they feel have made an outstanding contribution to supporting learners with apprenticeships and traineeships. Each nomination is then voted on anonymously and a winner selected.

This month, we award this fantastic achievement to ‘Little Steps Academy’ and its manager Amanda Monckton. We take great pride in awarding this to ‘Little Steps Academy’ as they are a perfect example of a model employer. Amanda’s level of co-operation and dedication to her apprentices and her team is the gold standard. Amanda and her team constantly provide great feedback on their apprentices and provide support to develop and grow apprentices that are struggling.

Katie Parsons, our Business Development Manager who nominated Amanda Monckton and ‘Little Steps Academy’ wrote about our fantastic relationship by saying…

“I would like to nominate this employer because during my time working with them, they have been nothing but supportive to the apprentices they have taken on and to the staff at Aspiration Training. The manager never fails to contact us or undertake actions we ask.  She has fully embraced the Aspiration Training processes with regards to recruitment and when learners apply directly to her, she refers them to us for vetting and to give them information regarding the course to ensure she is taking on suitable apprentices.”

She then goes on to say…

“The manager is happy to give us feedback on learners which is good but is also happy to inform us if things are not so good and puts support in place for that apprentice.  The manager is so friendly and approachable, and I am looking forward to working with her for her future apprentices. I wish all the employers I work with would be as supportive as this nursery are.  They are a real pleasure to work with and deserve the award.”

Upon receiving this fantastic news, Amanda Monckton responded to Aspiration Training by saying…

“Winning the ‘Employer of the Month’ means the world to us as a nursery. This shows that all the hard work and dedication the staff, apprentices and management and parents have given to Little Steps Academy has been recognised. We have been working with Aspiration Training for many years and myself and my staff within the nursey, have expressed how dedicated Aspiration Training are to all their apprentices but also how supportive they are to the nursey and staff.

Aspiration training ensure that the Apprentices are professional, trained appropriately inhouse and off the job training, and are always there to support the nursery needs and requirements as and when they arise. I would definitely recommend Aspiration Training to any nursey who are looking for apprentices, knowing their needs and requirements would be dealt with the same as they have for us.

Thank you for all your help and support you have given Little Steps Academy, and may we continue to work together for many years to come.”

We love to hear about the great work and contributions our employers do and value our ongoing relationship with Little Steps Academy. Amanda continues to be a shining example of our values and is always incredibly supportive of her team and provide them with every opportunity to develop and grow.

Congratulations and thank you to Amanda and Little Steps Academy for your outstanding contribution to apprenticeships.

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