Support and resources

Support and resources

Knowing what to expect when you start your apprenticeship can be a daunting experience but don’t worry! There is help and support available for you during every step of your learning journey.

Enrollment: During enrolment, one of our skilled and experienced Business Development Managers will work with you and your employer to make sure you are on the right apprenticeship for your chosen career path. They will give you information about the course, including how we will work with you and our expectations during your learning program.

Induction: Once enrolled, you will attend an induction session, giving your more information about the training program and your learning journey. This will either occur in a group or one-to-one teaching session, delivered by one of our sector experts.

Teaching sessions: We offer a range of sector-specific teaching sessions that help you develop your knowledge and confidence in your work areas.

Support Sessions: Your designated Coach will meet with you, either remotely or face to face, to plan your program, review your progress, support you in your development and conduct your assessments.

Activities and online learning: During your program, you will be required to attend online group and one-to-one sessions and undertake a range of online activities, including e-learning, online assessments, and learning activities.

We have put together some top tips to help you get this most out of your online learning!

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Prepare yourself!

Make yourself a study plan: Know what sessions you have been booked on to, what tasks you have to complete, when your sessions are and write them on your calendar or put a reminder on your Smartphone. Give yourself plenty of time so you can give your best effort.

  • Know who to contact if you get stuck! Your Vocational Coach should be your first point of call; they will arrange any additional help you may need if needed. Please take a look at our digitial skills section and the learning systems to help you get prepared.
  • Put a reminder in your calendar when your session is due to start – set this 10 minutes before the start time so you can check your technology is working, and you are ready for it to begin.
  • Treat online teaching as you would do if you were to attend a course in person. Walking in during the middle of a session can disturb other learners and you may miss important bits.
  • Check that you have completed any pre-learning tasks or read the information given to you.
  • Ensure you have all the equipment and resources you need. A pen and a notebook may be useful if you want to take notes.
  • Clear your mind and get ready to take part. Taking part in discussions and activities helps you to get so much more out of the sessions. Don’t worry about saying anything wrong. There is no such thing as a silly question; everyone is there to learn!
  • Be kind to yourself. Studying online takes time and practice. If you have problems with login on to the system or you are too shy to go on the camera, that’s fine. We are here to help!


Prepare your environment!
  • Make sure you will not be disturbed so you can concentrate. Tell others you are with, put a sign-up, take the dog to another room or get help with childcare or other responsibilities so you can really focus.
  • Turn off your phone or put it on silent so you will not be disturbed or distracted by it.
  • Check your internet connection is working
  • Make sure you are comfortable. Check your lighting, heating and where you will be sitting. Try and get a desk and chair with sufficient back support. You want your posture to be upright, with your arms and thighs roughly parallel to the floor.
  • Keep well hydrated, get enough sleep. This will help you to concentrate.
  • Take breaks when you need to, and step away from the computer at least every hour to stretch your legs and keep moving.
Our commitment to you

We are committed to supporting you all through your learning journey. If you feel you need any extra support, such as struggling to keep to targets agreed, additional learning support needs or if you require further help with your literacy and numeracy skills, we have a designated team of Coaches to support you. Please discuss this with your personal coach.

If you have any feedback for the Curriculum Team about the resources you have used with your coach, an assessment completed or you have an idea to share, please get in touch


Want to know what it’s like to be apprentice? Hear what some of our apprentices have to say…

Childcare level 2 apprentice – Cody Patrick

“I enjoy working with the children and seeing them develop, which is something you don’t see in the class room.”

Dental nursing level 3 apprentice – Ebony England

During my apprenticeship with Aspiration Training I’ve felt fully supported even at those times where I have doubted myself.

Health & social care level 2 & 3 apprentice – Monika Jajor-Hidri

My assessor is the best assessor I could ask for. I can’t imagine doing an apprenticeship with anybody else.

Shirley Road Pre School – Learner

“Throughout my journey with Aspiration Training, I have learned many essential skills that have helped me not just in the workplace, but also out of the workplace.”


Our accreditations & accolades

We are always trying to better the way we work for our employees, apprentices, traineeships and employers. We have been awarded the following accreditations as a mark of our achievements.


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