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Learning systems

Learning systems are a vital part of your learning journey with us and are used for all programmes we deliver. Within Aspiration Training we utilise a range of online learning platforms and different technology to help you to make the best out of your learning journey with us.

The systems we use help us to work with you to review your starting point, tailor the teaching and support you require and check how you are progressing.

We aim to make the best use of virtual classrooms where you can spend time with other learners on the same programme as you, from across the UK, sharing best practice, building relationships and sharing your journey with them.

To help you develop the skills you need in using these different systems we have pulled together guides, videos and handbooks to help you get started. Click on each of the areas below to find out more about each system and how to use them effectively.

Smart Assessor/VLE

Smart Assessor is the online portfolio that you will use throughout your duration of your apprenticeship.

The platform is used as a way of recording your progress towards all parts of your learning journey including helping you to interact with your vocational coach, creating action plans to support your progress, uploading your evidence for your course, reviewing the feedback left for you and enabling you to access the resources and activities you will need.

Please click the link below to access a Smart Assessor/VLE handbook which includes a range of how-to videos which will explain how to complete a range of actions in Smart Assessor, including uploading your work.

View the Smart Assessor handbook here


WEST is the Welsh Essential Skills Toolkit.

WEST will enable you to assess your current communication and number skills. You can also review your digital literacy skills. You will be required to undertake an initial screener to evaluate what level you are currently working at, then complete a combined initial/diagnostic assessment to determine your stronger and weaker areas within this level.

WEST has various interactive learning resources to help you develop your skills and grow your confidence in the areas you need the most support. You will be able to use this tool while working with your Coach, who will review your development needs and create an Individual Learning Plan with you to develop your skills in readiness for your formal assessments. WEST enables you to test your skills, and together with your Coach, you can check your progress. WEST puts you in charge of your learning and gives you all the tools and support you need for Essential Skills success.

WEST is bilingual and supports Welsh and English. You have the opportunity to choose which language you would prefer the information and resources in.

We have linked some useful resources below including the WEST essential skills toolkit and some helpful how-to videos:

WEST essential skills toolkit

How to login to WEST

WEST login

WEST Screening assessment



English, maths and digital skills are vital to help you succeed in your learning and career. Without knowing it these skills are play a part of everyday life, whether it is reading through Facebook posts, sorting out the change from your shopping or doing your online banking.

Even if you’re not a fan of these subjects, it’s important to recognise the role they play and why you should not ignore them.

In addition to the support you will receive by your coach, we use an online system called BKSB to help and prepare you to undertake your functional skills exams. Even if you are exempt from taking these exams, this tool can be used to help you expand your skills.

Please see below for a useful video of an overview on BKSB, including a link to a BKSB handbook showing a range of useful videos including more on Initial assessments:

An overview of BKSB

View the BKSB handbook here






Zoom is the online system we use to carry out all of our remote teaching and support sessions.

The system is an interactive and engaging platform which enables you to have face to face contact with your vocational coach and other learners when taking part in a group teaching session.

When you have agreed the session with your coach or you have booked on to one of our group teaching sessions you will be emailed the joining instructions.

We have put together a useful handbook of videos surrounding different elements of Zoom, including joining a meeting online:

View the Zoom handbook here


Want to know what it’s like to be apprentice? Hear what some of our apprentices have to say…

Childcare level 2 apprentice – Cody Patrick

“I enjoy working with the children and seeing them develop, which is something you don’t see in the class room.”

Dental nursing level 3 apprentice – Ebony England

During my apprenticeship with Aspiration Training I’ve felt fully supported even at those times where I have doubted myself.

Health & social care level 2 & 3 apprentice – Monika Jajor-Hidri

My assessor is the best assessor I could ask for. I can’t imagine doing an apprenticeship with anybody else.

Shirley Road Pre School – Learner

“Throughout my journey with Aspiration Training, I have learned many essential skills that have helped me not just in the workplace, but also out of the workplace.”


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