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Is a Health and Social Care apprenticeship right for you?

By aspiration | 01 Jul 2022 | Category: Blog
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If you want to make a career out of helping others then choosing an apprenticeship in health and social care could be the perfect option for you.

Care workers are frontline staff who help those in need with care and support to achieve their goals and live as independently and safely as possible.

Jobs in the health and social care industry can cover a wide variety of roles that could be based within the NHS, care homes or local authorities.

These jobs can be challenging at times but are also hugely rewarding as they can have a big impact on vulnerable people’s lives.

What does a health and social care apprenticeship involve?

A health and social care apprenticeship combines both work and study, so you can achieve a valuable qualification whilst also earning a living.

The tasks involved in apprenticeships in health and social care vary depending on the exact programme you choose and your employer. But typical tasks and responsibilities could include:

  • Working in a team to make sure there’s a high standard of care
  • Ensuring that patients are safe from harm
  • Creating care plans for individual patients
  • Helping patients to move around
  • Helping patients to eat and drink
  • Develop and maintain relationships with the patient’s family and friends

It can be physically and mentally challenging working in the health and social care sector, however no two days are the same and you finish work knowing you have made a difference to someone’s life!

What will I learn from this apprenticeship?

Through studying a health and social care apprenticeship you will develop a number of important skills and build memorable relationships with patients.

Some of the transferable skills you will learn from your apprenticeship include; communication skills, ability to work in a team, empathy and compassion.

Choosing to do a health and social care apprenticeship allows you to gain relevant experience that many do not gain until further into their professional careers. Working closely with experienced staff in the sector teaches you valuable lessons on the job which you can take with you further in your career.

What skills do I need to work in health and social care?

Working in the health and social care sector requires patience, kindness and excellent communication skills.

You’ll be talking with people of all ages and from different backgrounds so the ability to be clear and calm is important.

It is also beneficial to be able to follow instructions and procedures, work in a team and also be good at using your own initiative. All these skills will help you during a health and social care placement.

Finally a positive mindset and a hard work ethic will go a long way in this career!

What can I do after I complete my health and social care apprenticeship?

People in the health and social care industry are in high demand so there is a huge amount of career possibilities in this sector following an apprenticeship. Roles can be found with a range of employers from the NHS, local authorities, charity organisations and even people’s homes.

An apprenticeship can lead to many different job roles including:

  • Care Worker
  • Rehabilitation Worker
  • Activities Worker
  • Advocacy worker
  • Nurse
  • Counsellor
  • Housing support officer
  • Welfare rights officer
  • Employment advisor
  • Administration roles

At Aspiration Training we cover various health and social care apprenticeships across England and Wales. Take a look at our health and social care apprenticeships and see what interests you!



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