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How is the childcare industry coping with coronavirus?

By aspiration | 06 May 2020 | Category: Blog
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In the most unprecedented of times, childcare, schools, teachers and what the future looks like for all in the early years sector, is very much uncertain. There are a number of key questions that continue to arise on a daily basis, with the answers unlikely to be shared or solved in the short-term.

Under normal circumstances, parents would source childcare providers for help in looking after their children during working hours. Of course, this is not something that is able to take place at the moment, leaving millions of families across the country re-evaluating and reorganising what exactly their working week now looks like.

The childcare workers who do remain in work, and businesses that remain open, are making it possible for key workers such as doctors, nurses and shop assistants to continue doing their remarkable jobs, even if that means they may well be putting themselves at risk.

The impact on the childcare industry

The Department for Education (DfE) has previously advised it will support registered early years providers with “financial support for these settings as required”, with the Chancellor making them eligible for a business rates holiday for one year. Unfortunately, despite this thousands of childcare providers are predicting a bleak outcome for their businesses during and by the end of lockdown. In addition, it’s been predicted that parents who previously would have used childcare providers may no longer need or be able to afford them, or simply just won’t feel comfortable with sending their children to nursery in the short-term.

Adapting to the times

Due to the technology and capability available to us, through iPads, laptops, online courses and e-learning, children of all ages across the country have the platforms at their disposal to continue their education as ‘normal as possible’. There is still a continuation of teachers and students heading into school on a rotational basis, albeit in vastly decreased numbers and varying on different needs of each individual pupil.

Parents adapting to accommodate their children’s educational needs alongside the daily demands of work, teachers pressing ahead for future lesson planning, not knowing what lessons are going to look like, and childcare workers and businesses uncertain about what the future’s going to hold for the industry, could be highlighted as three of the main issues at hand.

The country waits in anticipation of what the government and Prime Minister look to announce this weekend, with talk of some lockdown restrictions potentially being lifted. Further announcements will of course be made in due course, with the educational and childcare sector being of primary importance. It is a worrying time for all; but for those working in childcare, or looking to begin a new career within the sector, you need all of the information at your disposal through this current period to make sure you’re as well equipped and informed as possible, to be as efficient as possible.

Ongoing recruitment and childcare apprenticeship support

The good news is that Aspiration Training can still enroll and develop people on childcare apprenticeships during this time. We’re embracing new ways of working and supporting those childcare businesses who still need to hire and onboard employees. We have developed our remote enrolment meaning that if you’re an employer looking to bring on an apprentice, we can do this for you.

We are also continuing to support our apprentices who are already on programme through remote teaching and learning sessions. So if you’re already in learning and working towards your childcare apprenticeship, we are here to support you and ensure your progress.

To view our current childcare apprenticeships visit our vacancy pages, or to learn more about a career in childcare have a look at our apprenticeship pages.

Find out more information and speak to a member of the Aspiration Training team. You can get in touch via our email address enquires@aspirationtraining.com.

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