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How the dental health industry is looking to change in the next 10 years

By greg | 05 Mar 2020 | Category: Blog
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Science has brought about all the fascinating tools and treatment procedures for the dental health industry to keep their patients’ teeth in spot on condition. The past couple of years has shown revolutionary success in the invention of unique and enhanced technology and treatment to help curve various teeth issues in an easy and straightforward way.

However, just because the past has exhibited great prowess, it doesn’t mean that we have reached the epitome of dental healthcare in this world because new and improved innovations are being improved to better the now.

With technology constantly changing, we are always looking at facing new possibilities. Below are some of the future potentials we could face for the dental health industry across the next ten years:

Smart toothbrush

Pretty soon, everything around us will be automated and even our homes will be loaded with connected smart devices of the coming future.

In this generation, 96% of the population seems to own a smart device. That’s a lot, right!?  The dental health industry also strives to be a part of this smart generation, and by this, we could be looking at a smart toothbrush. A lot of us have electric toothbrushes that help prevent plaque and cavities, but what if we could get more out of those two minutes we spend brushing our teeth? Who knows what the future holds, but a smart toothbrush could defiantly be the way forward in life.

Stem cells

 At the moment, when you approach a dentist because of a cavity, they tend to drill out the decayed material and fill the hole using a cement-like material called amalgam. However, this amalgam may at times fail and also fall out at times and can be linked to lots of pain. Researchers are developing a low-cost experimental drug that contains an established safety record. This drug would stimulate the production of dentin, a substance within the body, that stimulates the stem cells which then prevents the risk of the filling ever coming off. This would be a dream come true for those who have been avoiding crunchy food and the rest.

Dental Lasers

Scientists are exploring a more radical approach to growing the teeth using a low-power laser sight to stimulate tooth regeneration. When you get your tooth filled due to your own various reasons, at times the filling may fail and fall off causing unbearable pain. Shining later light directly on the pulp that remained after filling can stimulate the stem cells to produce dentin. This substance would then make the filling more resilient and prevent it from failing.

Dental Health Virtual reality

If you’re enrolled on a dental nurse apprenticeship, it would be tough to peek over the shoulder of your dental employer during live operation and still get all the tricks required for the task. Using a virtual reality cam, dental surgeons are capable of streaming the operations enabling other students to get in on the action by watching.


In 10 years the dental health industry is sure to bring miracles into the surgery room and thus, revolutionise the way we and our families receive dental healthcare. Apply to become a dental nurse apprentice today and grow as an individual and further your career.



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