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How covid-19 has affected the customer service sector

By aspiration | 24 Jun 2020 | Category: Blog
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The coronavirus outbreak has affected businesses across the world in a big way. We are facing a potentially permanent change to not only the way that we live but in the way that we socialise, travel and work. One of the industries that have seen a change is customer service, a change that may last beyond the pandemic. Customer service roles include customer-facing roles, receptionists, housing officers and support desk advisors.

Customer service training


We offer customer service apprenticeships and training here at Aspiration Training, including level 2 customer service practitioner and level 3 customer service specialist. The way that we offer these courses has changed dramatically, but we are adapting with the times and striving to continue to offer the highest quality of service. Where possible we are switching teaching sessions to be delivered remotely through the use of Smart Sessions or Zoom. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, we actually already completed over 15% of all teaching sessions in this way so this will have limited disruption to studies. We are scrupulously following guidance and best practices from the NHS and government, adapting our service to put the health of our staff, customers and students in top priority.

Customer service industry

Many of those working in the customer service sector will have already experienced changes in the way that they work. Whilst many customer service roles are remote and over the phone, many involve interaction with customers face to face and within close proximity. To keep in line with the government guidelines and safety measures, PPE equipment has been provided in workplaces to help stay safe including face masks, screen guards and sanitisers. Social distancing measures must be kept adhered to at all times and customer service specialists should keep this in mind throughout the working day.

Customer service apprenticeship and training support


Like many, Aspiration Training have had to adapt to the times to continue offering our students and employers the best possible service and chance to find jobs and employment opportunities. Our team at Aspiration Training is available to answer any questions about your experience that you may have. We will work with you on the best delivery choices and provide further information on the many precautions that we are taking to protect your health and safety. Whilst many things feel uncertain, we have been encouraged by our dedicated staff and the continuation of our apprenticeship opportunities.

Get in touch with us today

If you have any questions about how Aspiration Training are working during these times, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We offer customer service training and apprenticeships alongside a plethora of other opportunities including childcare apprenticeships, dental nurse apprenticeships and teaching assistant apprenticeships. Across the sectors, we are employing health and safety measures to the highest standard to ensure that we can continue the battle against Covid-19 and support our learners in their journey to finding employment.


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