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Give yourself a head start

“Businesses worldwide say there is an acute shortage of skilled workers even though 73 million young adults are looking for jobs.” – Forbes

in the UK, 493,000 young people aged 16-24 were unemployed in March to May 2019. That’s 493,000 opportunities for young people to find their passion through an apprenticeship. Allowing them to understand the value of work-based learning, becoming a skilled worker that thousands of businesses are looking for.

Aspiration Training is here to guide you through the maze and into your dream career through apprenticeships.


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What job recruiters are after

For job recruiters, having relevant, real, job-related work experience and knowledge is more import than degrees.

You can demonstrate your competency and easily show to them that you have the skills needed to be put straight into the field. Degrees are useful, however, do not offer the same level of support, training or benefits as apprenticeships do when it comes to working in your dream sector.

You can also 100% gain degree-level qualifications through apprenticeships, too!


Countless benefits

With an apprenticeship, you also get to experience a wide range of additional benefits, including:

  • A fun, engaging and different route to University
  • Specific development of skills you want
  • You’ll earn a wage while also studying your qualification
  • Independence in the working world giving you loads of experience
  • Nothing to pay back at the end of your course – Unlike Uni!
  • Paid holidays
  • Build a network around you
  • Friendly, regular support from colleagues and Aspiration Training
  • Treated like a full-time employee with all of their benefits too
  • Shopping discounts, cinema coupons, free burgers etc. (FREE NUS Extra Apprentice Card)

There are so many other benefits, the list is endless.

A new way to succeed

As apprenticeships are taking the UK by storm, more and more young people are realising that studying for years at University isn’t enough to fully succeed in the world of work.

Unlike University which lacks the experience aspects of work, apprenticeships have the upper hand with an amazing mix of learning and experience since you’ll get to jump straight into what you love doing with dedicated one-to-one support from your vocational trainer.

Apprenticeships can still be challenging and difficult at times – but definitely worth it, in the end, to be qualified in your field!

10 things that require zero talent

Some things don’t require any talent at all. If you can strive to achieve these 10 things, you’ll find yourself much more successful and desirable from employers and all of those around you.

1.) Being on time

It’s good to be punctual. It shows that you are committed to your work and can keep well to time management.


2.) Good work ethic

Having good work ethics not only help you but others around you. You’ll find people are more willing to help you if they feel you have a good work ethic.


3.) Effort

Adding effort to anything you do will show. This will make you feel good about yourself and proud about what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.


4.) Doing extra

Doing extra to help out those around you can help everyone, including you! It will encourage others to help you when you may need it and doing extra shows great commitments and a desire to strive for success.


5.) Passion

Being passionate about what you do if great. If you love what you do at work, it never really seems like work!


6.) Body language

Your body language shows a lot about your character. Straighten up your back, sit up in your chair, smile and radiate positive energy and the world will radiate back at you.


7.) Being coachable

Being open to new ideas and being taught new things expands your knowledge considerably. Allow people to show you other ways of doing things, even if you think the way you do them is flawless. You may learn new techniques and better see things from other peoples perspectives.


8.) Energy

The energy put into yourself and others help to create a great environment around you, always aim to give 110%.


9.) Being prepared

Being prepared means you are able to face any challenges you may be worried about, much more easily. This could be to be prepared for an interview, an important meeting, having to drive long distances and even when going on holiday.


10.) Attitude

Your attitude means everything, treat people how you would want to be treated. That old saying really is vital in your attitude and how you come across to other people. We all have our off days, but strive to still be polite and try your hardest.


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