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Grow your business with an apprentice this Spring

By aspiration | 12 Mar 2021 | Category: Blog
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Grow your business this Spring – apprenticeships are extremely valuable for all kinds of businesses.

If you’re a levy-paying employer, apprenticeships are an opportunity not to be missed! They’re a great way to attract talent to your business, train your team and get a real return on investment from your levy payments.

If you’re a small business, apprenticeships offer huge benefits that far outweigh the initial investment – it’s why they’ve been taking industries such as childcare, health and social care and dental nursing by storm!

So how do apprenticeships work? 

Combining on-the-job training with off-the-job learning, apprenticeships are a technical alternative to university degrees. Apprentices learn practical skills alongside academic knowledge, so they often make the most productive employees.

Why should I invest in apprenticeships? 

Apprenticeships bring big benefits to your business – whether you use them to attract new talent or training your existing team.

Grow your own talent

  • By business for business: The new apprenticeship programmes are designed by businesses for businesses, so apprentices develop the specific skills and knowledge they need to progress in their occupation.
  • Adding value: Apprentices do real jobs and make a real difference from day one – adding value back into the business.
  • Apprentices bring new thinking and fresh ideas into the workplace, helping the rest of the team step-up and get things done.
  • Tailored skillset: Apprentices learn the specific skills your need in your business rather than a generic course, so they’re up to speed as soon as they qualify.
  • Your future workforce: Apprentices are highly skilled recruits  who will form the next generation of your workforce and take your business forward.

Grow your existing team

  • Upskill your team: Apprenticeships give your current employees the opportunity to learn new skills, progress their career and support the growth of your business.
  • Tailored learning: You can fill your skills gap in-house by tailoring learning to your specific business needs.
  • Boost team morale: Investing in training increases the talent in your team, boosts employee morale and improves staff retention rates.
  • Develop skills: Current employees can mentor new apprentices which promotes the spread of vocational and academic knowledge throughout your organisation.
  • Future proof your business: Employees who have completed an apprenticeship are the cream of the crop, and with the right support, they could become the future leaders of your business.

To find out more about more about how you can use apprenticeships to grow your business get in touch with us today!

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