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Didn’t achieve the grades you wanted? Learn how an apprenticeship could benefit you

By aspiration | 22 Aug 2019 | Category: Blog
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Are you a school leaver and trying to navigate your way through the variety of different paths and options you could take? It can be difficult to work out what the best option is, so we have created a shortlist as to why an apprenticeship might benefit you and to tell you more about what an apprenticeship might entail.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is an opportunity to both learn and work at the same time. It gives school-leavers the chance to work in the industry, supported by a study programme which will provide the relevant qualifications and valuable skills needed for your chosen career path. It can take between a year and four years to complete depending on the level of programme you have chosen and the industry you have selected.

Here at Aspiration Training, we deliver the necessary support by providing personalised innovative workforce training. This ensures that you are getting the most out of your apprenticeship and gain a formal qualification once you have finished. We offer apprenticeship courses in a wide variety of careers choices from customer service, dental nursing to leadership and management. Find out about the apprenticeships we offer and current vacancies here.

What are the benefits to you from an apprenticeship?

  • One of the biggest impacts of going to university is the debt that a student will gain once finishing their degree. It also might be difficult to juggle both a part-time job and your studies if additional income is needed. By doing an apprenticeship, you can earn whilst you learn and thus be in a better position once your apprenticeship has ended. From April 2019, the Apprentice National Minimum Wage has increased by 5.4% to £3.90 an hour and many employers pay even more, especially the longer you stay with the company.


  • You will gain the necessary skills and experiences for your chosen career path and improve your employability once you have finished. Many employers are not only looking for specific qualifications but also relevant work experience, therefore choosing to complete an apprenticeship course will make you a stronger candidate for future employers. Whilst you are completing your course, you may also find that as a result, the company you are with offers you a permanent position with them.


  • By the end of your apprenticeship course, you will have gained a professional qualification which will increase your employability rate. Not only can you progress in your chosen industry but you may even find that you have the skills and experience appropriate to set up your own business. By working in the industry as an apprentice, you will also have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and potential employers.

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