Certificate in Principles of Team Leading - Level 2

Certificate in Principles of Team Leading

Strong team leadership is essential for providing guidance, direction and instruction within a group and inevitably leads to more effective teamwork and more motivated employees. Being able to manage a team effectively is critical in the current job market, where employee productivity and team outcomes are closely monitored.


Planned Learning Hours

Course Duration: 16 weeks

Learner Benefits

–  Achieve a nationally recognised level 2 qualification

 Furthers personal and professional development

 No need to formally attend a college

–  Receive a set of high-quality learner support materials

–  Gain support from a dedicated team

Business Benefits

  Reduce risk of poor group dynamics

Evidence of staff competency to external stakeholders

Provides assurance of well-trained employees

  Creates a more motivated and engaged workforce

–  Relevant in a wide variety of care settings

Job Sectors

–  Customer Service

  Medical Services

  Legal Services

–  Engineering


–  Construction

–  Health and Social Care

–  Hospitality and catering

  Retail and ICT

This nationally accredited certificate gives practising or potential team leaders the foundation for their formal development in this role.


Aged 19+

Lived in the EU for 3 years

Min of 8 learners (employers)

Fully funded subject to eligibility

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