Certificate in Information, Advice or Guidance - Level 2

Certificate in Information, Advice or Guidance

Offering clear and accurate information, advice or guidance and knowing what can be shared legally and professionally can greatly improve outcomes for a business. There are some fundamental rules for successful information sharing and ensuring staff are aware of these is key.


Planned Learning Hours

Course Duration: 16 weeks

Learner Benefits

–  Achieve a nationally recognised level 2 qualification

 Furthers personal and professional development

 No need to formally attend a college

–  Receive a set of high-quality learner support materials

–  Gain support from a dedicated team

Business Benefits

  Gives assurances that employees are well-trained

Creates a more motivated and engaged work force

Increase understanding of accurate recordkeeping and effective signposting

  Improves understanding of effective communication techniques

–  Reduces the risk of malpractice

Job Sectors

–  Education and careers advice


Explore communication techniques, study how values, attitudes and beliefs can affect interactions, develop interaction and interpersonal skills and learn how information, advice or guidance can be explored. Learn how group interaction can be utilised while also managing information and gaining the knowledge on how to comply with the law.


Aged 19+

Lived in the EU for 3 years

Minimum of 8 learners (Employer use)

  • Information, Advice or Guidance in Practice
  • Developing Interaction Skills for Information, Advice or Guidance

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