Certificate in Counselling Skills - Level 2

Certificate in Counselling Skills

This qualification gives learners the opportunity to investigate the knowledge and skills needed to use counselling skills and engage in a helping interaction appropriately. You will describe how core counselling skills can be used in a counselling relationship and in other helping activities. You will learn how to use counselling skills, with an induction to counselling skills theories.


Planned Learning Hours

Course Duration: 16 weeks

Learner Benefits

•  Achieve a nationally recognised level 2 qualification

  Furthers personal and professional development

  No need to formally attend a college

•  Receive a set of high-quality learner support materials

•  Receive support from a dedicated team

Business Benefits

Gives assurance that employees are well-trained

 Creates a more motivated and engaged workforce

 Gives employees a high standard of learning

Furthers personal and professional development

Job Sectors

Adult Guidance Worker

 Advice Worker

 Child Psychotherapist


Counselling Psychologist



Aged 16+ Fully funded subject to eligibility

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