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Aspiration Training becomes a carbon-neutral organisation

By aspiration | 24 Oct 2022 | Category: Blog
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One of our objectives as a business for this year was to become a carbon-neutral organisation by offsetting our emissions and we are pleased to say Carbon Footprint has recently awarded us this!

We have been tracking our emissions for four years now, and through changes to how we work, some of which were planned and some enforced by the pandemic, we have found a better way of working. Our primary emissions come from car usage, and as we have found ways to work remotely, we have more than halved the miles we travel, which is not only better for our team, our learners and our employers but has reduced our annual carbon footprint from 379 tonnes CO2e in 2019 to 107.2 tonnes CO2e in 2022.

Carbon offsetting balances out the emissions that we have already caused by financially supporting projects around the world that help solve climate change, e.g. decarbonising electricity grids, reducing deforestation, improving energy efficiency, sequestering carbon etc. Many carbon offsetting projects bring additional advantages to local communities where they are based – often in developing countries.

Since launching our Environmental Champions Group earlier this year, the group have chosen to sponsor a Wind Project in Maharashtra, India. The main purpose of this project activity is to generate a clean form of electricity through renewable wind energy sources. The project is a new facility, and it plans to utilise wind energy to generate electricity and supply it to the grid in India. Without this project, the electricity delivered to the grid would be sourced from the existing grid-connected power fossil fuel plants. The Project activity is expected to supply 372.791 GWh of energy to the Grid of India each year. This is expected to result in emission reductions of 364,217 tCO2e per year of operation.

Five per cent of our contributed money has also been added to a prize pot for the Freedom Flight.

The Freedom Flight Prize will be awarded to the first zero-carbon emission plane capable of carrying 100+ passengers across the Atlantic. This ground-breaking initiative aims to generate a multimillion-pound prize fund to motivate and accelerate the development of truly sustainable aviation.

We are extremely proud of our progress in reducing negative environmental impacts, which is of growing importance to our learners, employers, team members and other external stakeholders.

We look forward to supporting more projects that aim to reduce environmental impacts in the coming years.


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