What is the Dental Recovery Plan and how can it help your business?

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The government scheme to improve good oral health.

The government revealed plans to offer patients millions more NHS dental appointments over the next year. More than 12 million people have not been able to access NHS dental care over the past 2 years, and the government plans to ensure that everyone who needs to see a dentist can - especially those who have failed to see one over the last few years. The recovery plan aims to create 2.5 million more appointments next year by providing a bonus to dentists to take on more NHS patients. With the extra appointments, around 1 million new patients can access NHS dental treatment.

How the recovery plan will work?

Depending on the treatment, the dentist will receive a bonus payment between £15 and £50. Also, up to 240 dentists will be offered £20,000 to work for three years in under-served areas. In addition, new mobile dental vans will see and treat people in 12 remote areas and increase the minimum amount of payment all dentists get for NHS work.

With increased appointments, a key focus will be growing the dental workforce. The long-term plan will expand dental undergraduate training by 1,100 by 2031/32.

Aspiration Training can support dental practices, with increased appointments. We offer a Level 3 Dental Nursing apprenticeship. A dental nurse apprentice can provide a range of support for your practice, from prepping surgery and providing chairside support to filling outpatient records. For more information about our Dental Nursing apprenticeship, please click here.

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