Is an Early Years apprenticeship right for you?

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Childcare is known for being one of the most rewarding career paths to take. It allows you to be creative and use your imagination, whilst also shaping young lives on a daily basis.

An Early Years apprenticeship is an excellent way to go into a career working with children and will allow you to learn the necessary skills whilst also earning money and gaining a qualification simultaneously. Keep reading to find out if an Early Years apprenticeship is the right fit for you!

What does an Early Years apprenticeship involve?

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During your apprenticeship you are taught the skills to look after children and keep them happy and safe. Part of this involves teaching young children to develop their social and practical skills, which can mean using your imagination and thinking on your feet!

As an apprentice, you will work and interact directly with children on a day to day basis, supporting the planning and delivery of activities, play and education. You may also interact with parents and wider multi-agency professionals and partners such as health visitors, social workers and speech and language therapists.

This could be in a private or public setting, including day care, children’s centres, reception classes, playgroups, nurseries or social care settings.

What will I learn from this apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are perfect for those who like to learn with a hands-on approach. Choosing an Early Years apprenticeship will teach you to become a team player as you work with others to support children’s development and early education.

Some of your duties and responsibilities could include:

  • Contributing to planning and organising activities
  • Observing and recording children’s skills and their overall development
  • Motivating the children and encouraging them to explore their surroundings
  • Helping children to understand basic hygiene
  • Teaching the children to develop positive relationships with other children and adults
  • Making sure the environment is clean and tidy

What skills do I need to work in the childcare industry?

Working with children requires patience, persistence and great communication. You’ll often have to explain things multiple times, deal with distractions and even the occasional temper tantrum. It’s important you can stay calm and level headed despite any frustrations and also understand that children think, feel, and process things differently to adults.

The ability to be creative and use your imagination is also important. It’s essential for children’s growth to learn through new, interesting experiences that also have an element of fun.

Natural leadership skills are also great to have. Children will look to you for guidance and reassurance so it’s important you can confidently take charge of a situation and make decisions.

Finally, it goes without saying, you need to like children and enjoy spending time with them to excel in a career in childcare! Bringing a level of enthusiasm into work every day is crucial, so think about whether this is something you would love to do.

What can I do after I complete my Early Years apprenticeship?


An Early Years apprenticeship opens up many different doors due to the variety of skills you learn on the job.

Options aren’t just limited to working in nurseries and schools, you can also have a career in youth and community settings or even specialise in working with children with special needs.

Many people who study Early Years apprenticeships even progress onto more senior roles such as supervisors or nursery managers in future.

The various job roles you can go into include:

  • Nursery Worker/Supervisors
  • Nursery Nurses
  • Nursery Teaching Assistants
  • Early Years Workers/Assistants
  • Nursery Practitioners
  • Classroom Assistants
  • Care Workers/Assistants
  • Assistant Youth Supporters
  • Assistant Childcare Worker
  • Community Workers

An Early Years apprenticeship is a fantastic way to start a rewarding career with opportunities for progression and the chance to earn money whilst you learn.

If you want to gain a nationally recognised qualification whilst gaining valuable work experience in a young person’s environment, this course is ideal for you.

At Aspiration Training we cover a range of Early Years apprenticeships across England. Take a look at our Early Years apprenticeships and see what interests you!

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