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At Aspiration Training, we believe in planning clear, practical steps for our learners so that they can achieve the career of their dreams. To assist with this, we have our very own Career Toolkit page on the website, which has many useful resources available to not only to all of our learners but also to people interested in our sectors, who are thinking about their future career. To get the best out of these resources, read this blog.

CEIAG is also an important part of our company. CEIAG is the provision of advice and guidance to assist in supporting learners in making appropriate career decisions and choices which are informed and well thought through. Our CEIAG framework provides clear information on every step of the apprenticeship journey, including what support is available.

We have career pathway booklets which show typical routes through the various stages of learning, the knowledge and skills learners will be learning along the way and the career options that may be available as a result. Our Vocational coaches will provide career pathway documents at the start of the apprenticeship programme.

In the Dental pathway, we offer a tailored approach to suit the needs of the dental practice and each individual throughout the Dental Nurse and Practice Manager apprenticeship journey. The Early Years pathway is for individuals passionate about working with young children to gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to pursue a rewarding career in early childhood education. Lastly, the Adult Care pathway can be beneficial for both individuals starting their careers and those already working in the sector who want to up-skill and gain a formal qualification. For more information on our pathways click here.

There are also Career resources below these pathways, that can assist you with progressing your career, whether that be with a CV or cover letter when applying for jobs. We have resources if you are already in a workspace too, that being improving team work skills and creating a Linkedin profile. For even further information for how Aspiration Training work with you towards your career as an apprenticeship provider, we have the Careers programme which outlines the support, resources and opportunities provided to all learners, before, during and after their journey with us, to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to make successful career choices and progressions.

If you need help working out your next steps, click here to be navigated to the Career Toolkit page on our website.

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