Five reasons why a Dental Nursing apprenticeship will benefit you

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Working in dental nursing can provide you with a plethora of rewards and challenges, in addition to helping people and making communities healthier places. Studying dental nursing as part of an apprenticeship will allow you to learn and gain a nationally recognised and GDC approved qualification.

The dental industry is an increasingly competitive and expanding profession, and in the UK alone is worth around £9 billion. There are a lot of opportunities to progress in the industry, as well as the chance to earn a highly competitive salary in the future.

Are you considering an apprenticeship in dental nursing? Aspiration Training work closely with a range of dental practices to offer Dental Nursing apprenticeships.

Dental Nurses work with Dentists to assist them with all aspects of patient care, from carrying out check-ups to seeing patients through operations. You can work in a general practice, within a hospital or even in the armed forces, but your typical responsibilities will include:

  • Setting up and sterilising equipment in the surgery ready for each patient
  • Ensuring the Dentist has everything they need to hand during the course of the appointment
  • Reassuring patients
  • Recording information about each case
  • Using dental tools to remove saliva from each patient’s mouth so the Dentist’s job is unhindered

Here are just some of the benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship in Dental Nursing:

1. Gain valuable skills and experience

A Dental Nursing apprenticeship will allow you to gain vital skills and experience in dental nursing, which will be an asset to your CV once you have completed your training. Gaining experience in a work environment, you can develop the practical skills in a hands-on role that will provide the opportunity to learn actionable skills.

2. Learning while earning

Not only will you have the opportunity to earn a salary whilst you are learning, but you can also enjoy on the job training too. Apprentices will earn at least the minimum wage when they start their apprenticeship, in addition to paid holidays and public holidays.

3. Low cost and debt free

If you are aged between 16 and 19, the course is fully funded which will save you a lot of money compared to studying at university. For those that are 19+ your employer will either pay for your apprenticeship through their levy funds or pay a 5% contribution. Most university students will face a debt of more than £40k by the time that they graduate, but with an apprenticeship programme, there are no fees.

4. Keep ahead of graduates

Completing an apprenticeship will automatically give you a positive head-start when it comes to job hunting, as university graduates can often be held back by their lack of work experience. By undertaking a dental nursing apprenticeship and on the job training, you will already have between one and two years of experience.

5. Achieve a professional qualification

Your dental nursing apprenticeship is a recognised qualification and importantly also recognised by the GDC. According to the National Careers Service, people with an advanced-level apprenticeship earn over £100,000 more during the course of the career than those who don’t.

Want to start your career journey in Dental Nursing?

Aspiration Training offer a range of apprenticeships that can be used within a dental practice. Get in touch with Aspiration Training to find out more.

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