Learner Testimonials

My experience of working with Aspiration Training Ltd, and my assessor Samantha Rose, has been full of ups and downs, the downs being on my side!!! There has been days, weeks when I have just had no belief in myself, or my ability to complete this journey, but now I have. Samantha has been there, and in my eyes has become more than just my assessor, she has not only supported me, encouraged me with my course work, be it in person, text or on the phone, but she has become a friend! She has seen me at my worst points, and offered me a listening ear. There have been many laughs, and also tears, without her encouragement I simply would never have done this. Genuinely, her patience and perseverance has been a massive part of me getting to this point, and, I simply can’t thank Samantha and Aspiration Training enough - for not giving up on me!!

Natalie O'Hare | Apprentice

The company I got involved with was Aspiration Training Ltd, and my recruitment officer was Rachel Bent. I went for an apprenticeship in Level 2 child care and got given an interview and got offered the job. I found the recruitment process very straight forward and rapid, as when I went for my assessment with my recruitment officer, the next day I got given an interview to work in two primary schools. The process is simple and supportive as they give you more options on what other vacancies are available and advice courses that will help you get more qualifications. You don’t feel under pressure during the assessment and interviews, as Aspiration Training Ltd staff are there to help and guide you through your choices. They are a very friendly team and I would definitely recommend people to get involved with this.

Shernelle Fogarty | Helping Hands Nursery

The Recruitment Adviser Bernie Stone at Aspiration Training Ltd has been extremely helpful when I was looking for an apprenticeship, as well as supporting me when I had started the course. I am extremely happy I chose an apprenticeship through them and would urge anyone wanting to pursue an apprenticeship to choose them.

Sophie Sutton | Apprentice at “Amanda's Precious Bubbles”

I have been a student at Kiddy-Winks Day Nursery now for 6 months, enjoying every aspect of my training to be a nursery assistant. This is a job I have always been interested in and Aspiration Training has helped me gain one step further to achieving my qualification for a job I am passionate for, I am grateful for Lisa Venables for giving me all the help she did, starting my qualification she made me feel at ease straight away and also for all the help Jess and Alan have given me: Thank you so much!

Danielle Breakwell – Apprentice at Kiddywinks Day Nursery

From the first moment I met Lisa at my Interview she has been very helpful and supportive. I have now started at the Nursery and started on my Level 2. Qualification and I know she is always There if I am stuck in any situation. Aspiration Training as a Company are very supportive when Looking for and starting an Apprenticeship.

Gemma CLee | Learner testimonial

For months I was trying to find an apprenticeship, I wasn't having any luck at all. I came across Aspiration Training when I applied for an apprenticeship. I went to an interview with Rachel Bent who was friendly and helpful and she explained the roles and duties I would have to partake in. Throughout looking for an apprenticeship Rachel has supported me loads and did help me find an apprenticeship. I am now signed up to a level 2 apprenticeship in health and social care and couldn't be happier, I am very thankful for Rachel's help.

Renay Vassell – Apprentice at The Willows

I have only started recently at my apprenticeship with Little Sneakers Nursery but already I have had tremendous support from Aspiration Training's Lisa Venables while starting out in my chosen career. I am confident that with her Continued Support I can develop further.

Jessica Blantford | Age 22 | Little Sneakers Nursery

I have been an Apprentice at Goldilocks Day Nursery for 2 weeks now. I am grateful for all the help Aspiration Traning’s Lisa Venables has given me and all the support to start my Childcare Course. I am confident my career will be taken further within time.

Lilly White | Age 18 | Apprentice at Goldilocks Day Nursery

My name is Annie Charles and I’m 18 years old. I’m currently a Nursery Assistant Apprentice at a Playgroup in my village, working towards a QCF Level 2 in Childcare. I was so excited when I opened my email regarding my application as I had been successful and was set up for an interview. I couldn’t believe how quick I had a response from Aspiration Training Ltd and the way that they organised everything for me. I had my interview with the manager of the Playgroup, spoke about a few points regarding the apprenticeship, organised a date when I would start and BOOM I got the apprenticeship – woohoo! I was so happy when the manager said ‘When can you start’ I said ‘ASAP’ Aspiration Training’s Bernie Stone was such as nice, helpful, caring person always updating me on what was happening and the service in which she provided was quick & I didn’t feel pressured or uncomfortable at any time during the time in which I spoke to her, this made me happy and confident towards my apprenticeship but also towards Aspiration Training Ltd as a whole. My tutor Jackie is also from Aspiration Training Ltd and she is very helpful too. In conclusion, I am impressed with the service in which they provide as it is quick and they get straight to the point which makes it easy for me. If I was to carry on working towards my Level 3 which my tutor said I could, I would go ahead with Aspiration Training Ltd, but I’m still thinking on what I would like to do, so we shall see nearer the time. I would highly recommend Aspiration Training Ltd to anyone who is thinking of joining their apprenticeship scheme and would give them 5/5 stars if they asked me to rate them in stars. THANK YOU ASPIRATION TRAINING!!

Annie Charles | Apprentice at a Playgroup

I'm very pleased with how Aspiration Training’s Hannah and Beth are helping me with my qualification! And I got help with letter I had to write for promotion and I got the job!!! Thank you Hannah and Beth!

Marie Hopkins – Sandfields – CARE UK

Just sending this to you to let you know how pleased I am that I decided to train with Aspiration Training. When I first started my level 2 in Health and Social Care I was really apprehensive about all aspects of the work involved. Meeting my tutor Wendy Franklin for the first time I was a bit nervous as to what was expected of me but I needn't have worried as Wendy put me at ease straight away! All my meetings with Wendy have been good she took time to explain everything to me and helped me gain confidence in my Maths and English and has always been there if I needed to discuss any aspects of the course. I would recommend Aspiration training course to everyone!!

Dawn Woodward – Apprentice at Stanfield House Nursing Home